Review – Does the Fit Yummy Mummy Program Really Work?

My Fit Yummy Mummy review will explain what I’ve learned. The basic claim of Fit Yummy Mummy is you’ll get help taking off the baby weight and return to a flat stomach after the baby is born. Holly’s book is geared to help you have a toned and reshaped body, plus a plan for losing inches and fat, have increased energy, and start loving your life. The best part is the claim that you’ll also regain your self confidence when you start reshaping and sculpting yourself.

So the big question is does it work? Holly’s Fit Yummy Mummy program comes with a basis in good nutritional principles. If you adopt her ideas, you will definitely lose that baby weight. However, there is no magic wand here – you have to commit to the program. If you follow Holly’s recommendations, and are totally committed to changing your eating habits as well as working out daily, you’ll be able to have a leaner and fitter version of your body.

Holly has started the book with a goal setting section, as it’s absolutely crucial that you are aware of what you want to achieve. Then she starts to cover some very important basic information about your metabolism. Next section is where she gets into the real meat of this program – the food. Her program is about changing your lifestyle by basing it on clean, whole food. There’s no way you’ll be hungry with this plans as she encourages eating about every 3-3 1/2 hours.

The nutrition plan is simple to follow as you decide ahead, and chart out, what you plan to eat in advance, so it’s totally complete. She even suggests you cook meals ahead of time so you are out of the kitchen more. One section of the book covers eating out, cheat meals and snacks, and gives details as to WHY following this plan like a road map will help you to reach whatever weight loss goals you have.

What impresses me with this program is the fact it’s not just a recipe for deprivation. Holly manages to clarify how you can eat healthy at restaurants and stay on track. She manages to explain how it’s not about banishing certain foods, but be mindful of your eating, and WHY it’s important to stay away from junk food. The “slip-ups” section is incredible as it describes why there’s no need to panic if you screw-up, and what will put you back on track almost immediately when you do.

I was thrilled with the section on alternatives food to choose for snacks instead of the usual junk food. Since we’re talking a program to change your lifestyle, you won’t find any gimmicky ideas (no liquid diets, strange foods, or punishment). The nutritional section is not only applicable, but solid as well. I could go into my kitchen at anytime and remake any meals without having to break a sweat.

Now we’re on to the workout program (where the goal is to be breaking a sweat). I appreciated Holly’s explanation of why being the “cardio queen” is actually not a good thing, and what you can do to change that. She describes how resistance training is the key to achieving that leaner, fitter body you, and everyone else, is hoping to have (and she set a great example that it works as she looks fabulous herself).

You will see this workout plan is actually a highly effective “interval-based” training program. You can fine-tune the 16 week workout schedule, which is based on 4 different formats, so it is in line with your personal goals as well. While it may look a bit complicated to start with, once you hit the section of photos of Holly doing the exercises, you’ll see it’s not hard. I would suggest printing this part so you’ll have it to refer to as needed.

One of the great things you’ll find in the workout section is how easily you can do these exercises with minimal equipment and time, so they’ll fit well in your already overloaded schedule. The great thing is you can do these workouts with just a mat, a bench or step, simple dumbbells, swiss ball and medicine ball. Compared to bulky gym equipment, this is a minimal amount of equipment to give you lots of results.

The index lists your goal setting worksheets: how to create your own workout journal, information about food labels, sample menus, survival tips for grocery shopping, a fat loss troubleshooting checklist, as well as a load of extra exercise within an archive of full instructions.

There are also a ton of bonuses included in this program. Holly has included 9 BONUS ebooks: Fast Easy meals, a cellulite cure, Meal Plans 101, a 7 Minute Quick Start Guide, 6 Minutes Circuit Workouts, the New Mom’s Jumpstart, the Dress Size Reduction Diet, the Stylish Mom ebook, as well as an additional Nutrition Guide. Also included is an audio book about how to get organized to include fitness in your daily routine without losing your mind in the process.

The bottom line – this is a total package that will change your shape and give you a lean, fit body to be proud of.

The Downsides:

This is not going to be an effortless program. It is definitely simple, but it really does require commitment. Your goal is to put yourself in the best possible shape you’ve ever been. While this is not an easy goal, you can reach it! Holly does a great job of providing all the tools you’ll need, but it’s up to you to comply with this program to the letter.

I strongly encourage you to consider this plan as the best way to lose your pregnancy weight. Holly Rigsby has created a totally thorough plan that you will absolutely benefit from it you commit to the plan and following every detail of it.

I certainly hope you have found this Fit Yummy Mummy Review to be of help. If you are looking to lose your pregnancy pounds, I highly recommend you check out the Fit Yummy Mummy Program for yourself.

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